How Do I Motivate My Daughter to Clean Up After Herself?

My daughter is old enough to clean up after herself, but I feel like no matter how much I ask her she never listens. How do I motivate her to clean up … [Continue Reading]

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Boost Your Donation by 50% with Birdies for Kids!

With your help, 90 children could experience the excitement and fun of summer camp. Closer to Home’s Summer in the City is a free, educational day … [Continue Reading]

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Kick Starting a Child’s Potential

“I’ve got just one year left, and then I’m going to be a mechanical engineer,” Omar* says with pride. Fourteen years ago, Omar and his family left … [Continue Reading]


Am I Spending Enough Time With My Child?

I know it’s good for kids if parents spend a lot of time with them and participate in their activities. I try to, but find I’m not able to complete … [Continue Reading]


Fostering a Legacy of Hope

“Everybody makes mistakes,” says Ellen*, a Foster Parent with Closer to Home. “We’re all only one tragedy or crisis away from doing the same … [Continue Reading]


What’s new at Closer to Home

Check out our most recent NEWSLETTER to learn about the latest activities, programs and services at Closer to Home Community Services... … [Continue Reading]

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Become a Foster Parent

Imagine Sam, the child you are fostering, is at your door. Sam’s life began in a loving household but, at age seven, his life was turned upside … [Continue Reading]

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Become a Family Teacher

A new, exciting opportunity in your own home:  Become a Family Teacher You can make a difference in the life of a youth.  Closer to Home is … [Continue Reading]


Host a Community Fundraiser

Imagine the difference you can make in the lives of children and youth right here in Calgary. You can help children from low-income families … [Continue Reading]

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Donate Your Car to Closer to Home

Imagine the difference you can make in the lives of children and youth right here in Calgary. Donate A Car Canada now accepts vehicle, RV, boat or … [Continue Reading]

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